A Girl Called She is the voice of the forgotten woman. The mother. The warrior. The independent thinker. The anti-pop star. The underrepresented. The activist. A Girl Called She is a movement. A Girl Called She is you.

A Girl Called She is the indie pop music and female empowerment project created by artist and activist Kelly Donnelly, who was born and raised in Nottingham, UK and now lives in LA with her husband and son.

Kelly’s music speaks to the struggles and realities of the everyday empowered woman. The generation of women that have been ignored by the music industry. Women that do not relate and connect with today's pop music. A Girl Called She represents their journey, their voice and their passion.

Her first single as an independent artist is titled “I AM SHE” and was released on October 30, 2018. It went viral and gained over 3.5M views on Youtube and Facebook in the first two weeks. Through a partnership with censorship circumvention tool Lantern and the use of blockchain technology, the music video was also released as the first unblockable music video in the world, meaning women living in censored regions like Iran, Saudi Arabia, China, and Turkey are currently able to watch the video.

Kelly was signed to Interscope Records as part of the musical group the Paradiso Girls.




Kelly Donnelly is on a mission, to inspire and empower women globally and in doing so she’s pushing technological boundaries to ensure her music is heard around the world.
— Sky News
It is hard not to feel that through her passion and her music Donnelly is contributing to a larger global sisterhood movement. And that’s incredibly inspiring. With fiery passion and immense talent, Donnelly is definitely one to watch.
— Bustle
I wept the first time I watched this video. It resonated for sure. A Girl Called She this is sublime!
— BBC Radio 2 (Fearne Cotton)